Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kids Come Tomorrow!!!!

Finally! After a week of meetings, the real reason for school - our students - will be back tomorrow for a new year of science.

Since I teach 6th grade, it's especially important to me to start the year off as positively as possible.

I always start with a lab the first day of school.  This sets the tone for the year.  We do labs in science.  We're serious about science.  We have fun in science.  
It also lets me teach the lab procedures in a natural context.  Seriously. Who wants to start the year listening to rules and procedures all day long?  I certainly don't want to go over them all day.

So... I'm ready!

All of my stuff is neat, tidy, and ready to go.

Student lab manuals are printed & ready for distribution.

The daily agenda is prepared.

Tha lab is set up and ready for student investigation.

I'm pumped to begin year 34!!!!!!!
Bring it on!!!!!!!

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