Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Catching Up & Stars

We rounded out our investigation of the universe with a study of stars.  My lessons and activities can be downloaded here.

I'm not satisfied with this unit, and will be looking to beef it up next year; particularly the study of the a star life cycle.  Something to do this summer!!!

However, our construction of the H-R diagram really helps students how temperature, color, and size are related.

This takes a couple of days.  The graphing of the data is time-consuming, and students need some help at first.  A timer is useful to help keep students focused while doing this.
We spent one class period graphing and the next processing and going over the H-R diagram.
Next year I want to do a much better job with the life cycle of stars before we do this activity.  I think it will make a much more coherent flow for the kids.

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