Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A new start

One of the best things about teaching is the fresh start we get each year.  No matter how good or not-so-good it was last year, it's all new again.  Full of  opportunities.
We started back today; kids will be back on the 17th.
Two of my goals for this year:
  1. Try some different forms of formative assessment.  I've fallen into a rut.  I especially want to work on using exit tickets to inform my instruction.
  2. Branch out with some of the online assessments I use.  I used Socrative, Quizlet Live, and Quizziz last year.  I used Kahoot! some too, but have given that up.  My kids didn't take it seriously; it was all about winning the game, and the review :(  How can I make using them even better?
I have created quite a few generic exit tickets to use with any content, and I will be working on more all year.

Find my exit tickets HERE.

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