Friday, November 4, 2016


Density is a critical concept in Earth Science. So many of the processes depends on it, so understanding density is crucial to understanding how our planet works.

My kids come to me with a reasonable background in density, but it is mostly mathematical.  They are very good at calculating density, but they need some help really understanding it.  They especially need help understanding the relationship between mass and volume.

This year I created a set of stations to help them experience density.

Most of the activities were taken from the MiddleSchoolChemistry website by the American Chemistry Society.  If you have never visited this site, do so now. It is AMAZING!. Really quality materials there.

My students enjoy stations, as long as I don't over-do them, and they enjoyed this set in particular.  Although I will still need some follow-up instruction, using these stations was two days well spent.

Find my stations HERE.

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