Thursday, July 26, 2018

Big Science Ideas

Big Science Ideas are my version of the Enduring Understanding from the Understanding by Design framework of Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe.

I use a 60-60-60 model in my room.

  • Some of what we learn is important for 60 days - it helps students understand other concepts this school year.
  • Some of what we learn is important for 60 months - it is important for understanding material throughout high school & college.
  • Some of what we learn is important for 60 years - it the knowledge we need to be informed citizens, capable of understanding complex scientific and societal issues.
Of course the number 60 is arbitrary, but it's a reflection of the fact that some of what learn is much more important in the long term than some other learnings.

The 60 year learning is what I call a "Big Science Idea."  It is a fundamental ideas and concepts that I want kids to know 60 years after they have left me and my classroom.  These big science ideas summarize important ideas and practices that are integral to Earth Science.

After we have investigated one of these big ideas, as part of the summing up or closure, I project the idea for the students.  They write the idea in their journals, and then take a few minutes to reflect on the importance of the idea.

These are super simple PowerPoints, with several ideas on a slide.  They can be modified to have fewer ideas or move the ideas from slide to slide easily.

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