Saturday, August 11, 2018

My classroom - UPDATED

I got bored with the way my room looked, so I spruced it up a little. :)

I went from an all blue color scheme to a mostly blue (because my chairs are blue) with some pops of color. It wasn't a HUGE change, but it brightened up my room! And since I spend so much of my time in this room, I want it to make me happy.

AND..... a science teacher friend found these colanders at Ikea. They are perfect for draining glassware over a sink.

I love making my classroom look nice.  It's one of my  favorite things at the start of a new year.  When I have my room put together, I feel organized and efficient and I am ready to take on lesson planning and all the other start of school things I have to do.

I usually come in a couple of days early to fix my room.  I like to have it done or nearly done before the actually first day back.  I have a hard time sitting through a meeting about insurance when I know my room needs attention.

I've discussed my room BEFORE, but I wanted to share some updated photos.

As you enter my room -

Views of my classroom - 

My teacher space -