Monday, July 29, 2019

Collaborative Learning - Team Jobs

Often I see suggestions for assigning students specific roles or tasks during labs; jobs like investigator, materials manager, scribe, and so on. I have never been very good about using these in my classroom. My next-door neighbor, however, is an absolute ninja with them. Her students run like the proverbial well-oiled machine. It's amazing.

Watching her classes has inspired me to give it a shot again. The thing is - I don't want to use the same jobs all of the time. Different activities call for different jobs. Soooo, I created a list of the different things I need students to do at various times. When I want students to have jobs, I randomly pass out cards with the job descriptions to groups. Which cards I use depends on the activity we are doing in class.

I'm going all-in with the the job cards this year.  I will update this post after I see how it works out :) 

You can find my job cards HERE.

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