Thursday, September 26, 2019

Voice Levels

Boy the kids can be loud, can't they? I don't mind some noise, but it needs to be productive noise. When kids get too loud they bother each other (and me) and that's no good.
I've seen a number of voice level posters around. I like what they say, but I don't want a poster. 
For one thing I don't have a lot of wall real estate in my room, and I don't want to take more space than I have to.
Also, it's been my experience that a poster left up all the time becomes ignored. It's like the paint on the wall - just something that is there that doesn't need attending to.

So I took the basic idea and turned it into a PowerPoint.

I project this when I need to, but not every day. Since it's a ppt, I can move the white box up and down easily to suit our needs.

It's easy.

You can download the file HERE.  If you don't have the fonts that I used, or if you don't like them, just change it anyway you want.

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